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Viewing a livestream

To view a livestream provided by Digiflix you will have received an email with the link to the viewer page and funeral details. To view the funeral just click on the link or copy the whole link and paste into your web browser. If a pass word is required you will have received it in the email provided. For the families privacy, Digiflix will not give out links or passwords to anyone calling for details. Below are frequently asked questions about viewing livesteams.

The livestream has not started

If you are seeing the following viewer image the livestream has not commenced yet, check the start time and date provided in the email against the local Adelaide time on the viewer page. Livestreams normally start about 10 mins prior to the funeral starting time.

Livestream has not started yet image

The Livestream has started

In the case where the live stream has started but all I see is a blue screen like below. The stream is live but the funeral has not started yet, relax and wait for the funeral to start, you should hear music playing so you know your sound is turned on. This screen will remain until the funeral is about to start, at which time the view will change to the funeral view, no need to make any adjustments.

Funeral starting soon livestream images

I have no sound

Make sure your speakers are turned on and up. Audio controls are on the bottom right corner of the viewer window. To access these controls just roll your mouse over the viewer window.

Livestream audio controls

Viewing after the funeral

The Livestream will be viewable after the funeral has finished for 6 months. A few weeks after the funeral has finished an edited version will replace the livestream. If the following images are what you see, you can drag the play head to the place where the funeral starts.

Funeral starting soon livestream images

If the above images are what you see, you can drag the play head to the place where the funeral starts. Shown in the images below, moving your mouse along the timeline.

Use of the timeline in Viewer

If you are still having trouble viewing a livestream, please email us using the form or phone Digiflix on +61 8 8277 1100

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