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Funeral Industry AV Requirements

The Funeral Industry now require that all family created presentations be checked by Digiflix (at least 24 hours prior to the funeral) – before they can be played at a funeral. – Fee applies

All slideshows must be formatted and presented as a DVD, (suitable to be played in a DVD player) with music embedded and a hold menu screen with one button. (This hold menu will be what is on screen for the duration of the service (DVDs are not able to be paused at any place during the slideshow.))

The DVD once formatted will have a VIDEO_TS folder with the following files which are created by your DVD authoring software.


On presentation at Digiflix, if the DVD does not operate as required, additional fees will apply.

The following files are not permitted.

  • Any file on a USB stick
  • PowerPoint files (.ppt)
  • Images on a disc (.jpg, .jpeg, .tiff or .png)
  • Windows Media Video files (.wmv)
  • Apple (MAC) QuickTime Movie (.mov)
  • Video files (.mpg .avi .mp4 .divx)
  • NB: other file types may exist but those listed above are the most common

All other music to be played at the funeral must be a standard CD format. (.aiff)

The following files are not permitted.

  • MP3 audio files (.mp3)
  • m4a itunes files (.m4a)
  • wma windows media audio (.wma)

NB: other file types may exist but those listed above are the most common

Producing a DVD is a technical job, If you don’t understand any of the above information or have not used DVD mastering software, we would suggest you get Digiflix to make your treasured slideshow. There is nothing more distressing at a funeral than a slideshow that will not play.

For Digiflix to produce a slideshow for your loved ones funeral, all we require is your photos (Paper or Digital), music track selection and details about deceased. Please do not make a Powerpoint presentation for us to convert to DVD.

This policy came in to being after several years of families showing up just prior to a funeral starting, with Powerpoint presentations or video files on a USB that were not compatible with the chapel systems. As a result Centennial park Cemetery Authority and some funeral homes decided to remove all the computers from their chapels and install CD & DVD players only and require the DVDs to be certified as to their operation.

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