What is Funeral Cloud?

Are you worried you can’t say goodbye to your loved one in the unique and special way they deserve? Introducing “Funeral Cloud” by Digiflix. An entirely online funeral service, that still allows you to mourn the passing of your loved one without breaching any restrictions.

Digiflix have been serving the funeral industry for over 15 years and we understand that just because you can’t say “farewell” in person, the need to celebrate the life of a loved one is still important.

You may feel as if there is no point even having a funeral at the moment and opt for a memorial later when restrictions are lifted… but you don’t have to wait.

Digiflix understand the importance of a funeral, a time to share the memories with friends and family. The funeral begins the process of healing following the loss of a loved one. How do you choose who has that opportunity? It is possible that excluding family and friends from this process will cause offense or distress.

Funeral Cloud is a professionally edited “virtual funeral”. This online funeral service combines eulogies, poems, photos and music with a digital condolence book. It’s the perfect way to remember your loved one, anytime you choose protected by a password to ensure privacy.

Digiflix will also provide a funeral slideshow as part of the Funeral Cloud package. This slideshow may include up to 40 photos with your choice of music to accompany the photos, as the perfect way to remember your loved one. This funeral slideshow will be seamlessly integrated into the service, as though you were actually watching it there with the rest of your family and friends.

You may choose to coordinate with your family and friends to all watch the funeral at the same time from the privacy of your own homes, or you may individually watch the service in your own time, as many times as you like. A tribute section beneath the video will allow you along with all other virtual attendees to share thoughts, condolences or fond memories of your loved one.

If you would like to share a special tribute via Funeral Cloud, please contact your funeral director or Digiflix direct on 08 8277 1100. In such difficult times with Corona-virus changing the way we do many things, here at Digiflix we are committed to providing families with meaningful and dignified funerals offering comfort in your time of distress.