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Heritage Collage Year3&5 Musicals 2012 – Download only


Heritage Collage Year 3 & 5 Musicals 2012
Curious George at the Circus – Year 3
Gold – Year 5



Curious George at the Circus – Year 3
A group of children were going to the circus.
Who should they meet there but the famous George, along
with the man in the yellow hat! The clowns were very silly.
They had cottonwool instead of brains. They discovered George.
They thought he was very special! Was he a baby? The circus
continued with acts that were ‘helped’ by the new circus baby.
Sometimes this help was not a very good idea.

Gold – Year 5
This year our play is about a ship bound for Port Robe, where
the Lannan family lived. The ship arrived one stormy night with
a cargo of Chinamen on their way to the goldfields in Ballarat.
The Lannan boys traveled with them to the goldfields to find
their fortune. Whilst at Ballarat the Lannan boys helped save
a shipment of gold from the hand of the ‘Bad” Penny and his
band of thugs.


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