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Digiflix is a vibrant video production company based in Adelaide servicing all of South Australia, offering a comprehensive range of services for the funeral industry, corporate, weddings and events. Digiflix lovingly crafts every project to fit your individual requirements, where nothing is mass produced.  Our team combines fresh talent, years of experience and a genuine customer focus that ensures you will always be guaranteed an experience that you are happy to share with others.

Digiflix Funeral services:

Filming of funeral services or live web streaming Funeral to family and friends that are unable to attend. Creation of memorial slide shows for showing at funeral services. For example, In loving memory of … In Memorium of… Celebrating the life of…. Digiflix also has a range of screens and speaker setups to suit presenting memorial slideshows and televising funeral services to outside or other rooms.

Digiflix Event services:

Film your wedding day and editing in a video journalistic style, capturing everything down to the finest details of your day, in pristine high definition. Let us tailor a package to suit you.
Digiflix offers multi camera filming of events such as dance concerts, school plays and end of year presentations.

Digiflix Transfer services:

Preserve old memories, transferring them from fading paper, film or tape to a digital format.
Photos & slides onto professional DVD slideshows, 8mm & 16mm film, Beta & VHS tapes into digital formats, such as DVD, Blu-ray, USB memory stick and portable hard drive.
Audio transferred  from LP, cassette and reel to reel audio to CD, MP3 and hard drive

Digiflix Corporate services:

Professional filming of functions, conferences, lectures or seminars.
Our videographers are well trained and discreet, giving you complete confidence in our products.


Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us on 8277 1100. We're sure to be able to help you.